debt ceiling

See: debt limit

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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  • Debt Ceiling — The maximum amount of monies the United States can borrow. The debt ceiling was created under the Second Liberty Bond Act of 1917, putting a ceiling on the amount of bonds the United States can issue. As of the end of July, 2011 the debt ceiling… …   Investment dictionary

  • debt ceiling — noun the maximum borrowing power of a governmental entity • Syn: ↑debt limit • Hypernyms: ↑debt • Hyponyms: ↑national debt ceiling …   Useful english dictionary

  • United States debt-ceiling crisis — Part of a series of articles on Unit …   Wikipedia

  • 2011 U.S. Debt Ceiling Crisis — A contentious July 2011 debate regarding the maximum amount of borrowing that the United States government should be allowed to undertake. A debt ceiling has been in place since 1917, but the government raises it whenever it comes close to… …   Investment dictionary

  • national debt ceiling — noun a limit set by Congress beyond which the national debt cannot rise; periodically raised by Congress • Hypernyms: ↑debt limit, ↑debt ceiling …   Useful english dictionary

  • ceiling — An upper limit for a variable. For example, an adjustable rate mortgage may have a ceiling of 10 percent. In this case, the rate can be adjusted however the loan terms provide without exceeding 10 percent. Also called a cap. American Banker… …   Financial and business terms

  • debt limit — noun the maximum borrowing power of a governmental entity • Syn: ↑debt ceiling • Hypernyms: ↑debt • Hyponyms: ↑national debt ceiling * * * (in public finance) the legal maximum debt permitted a municipal, state, or national government. * * * debt …   Useful english dictionary

  • Debt crisis — The debt crisis is the general term for the proliferation of massive state debts relative to tax revenues, especially in reference to Latin American during the 1980s, and the United States and the European Union since the mid 2000s.[1][2][3][4]… …   Wikipedia

  • debt limitations — Ceiling placed on amount of borrowings by individuals, corporations or governments. Certain state constitutions prohibit deficit spending by government …   Black's law dictionary

  • Ceiling — The maximum level permissible in a financial transaction. Ceiling refers to the highest price, the maximum interest rate, or the largest of some other factor involved in a transaction. For example, the interest rate ceiling on a credit card is… …   Investment dictionary

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